Hey Violet – “From the Outside” (Official Album Cover)

hwy V

Hey Violet – “From the Outside” (Official Album Cover)

The Music Vaults cover stars released their irresistible new single, “Break My Heart” last month, and it makes us even more excited for their forthcoming release.

The band’s yet-to-be-named forthcoming album is one of AP’s most anticipated for 2017, and vocalist Rena Lovelis says their sound has transformed through their first and second EPs, I Can Feel It and Brand New Moves, and it’ll be noticeable on their new record.

“Our sound has definitely evolved and transformed over the years,” Lovelis explains. “It’s moving to a place where we’re more capable of experimenting with new sounds and toying with synths. You can hear this already when you compare our first and second EPs, and this will definitely be clear when the album is ready.”

Get excited: Hey Violet have officially announced their new album, from the outside.