gnash – belong (feat. DENM) [iTunes]

Gnash – Belong (feat. DENM) [iTunes]

Gnash dropped a New Single titled Belong. Stream and Download the Song Below.




[Chorus: DENM]
Been misunderstood
Never had my voice heard

I was alone when I was a child
But circumstances grow me
Now people wanna say they know me

Wish I had known when I was a child
I’ve always been a kid tryna find where I belong

Oh x4
Ladies and gentlemen, gnash

[Verse: gnash]
Honestly, I feel like everybody’s feeling kind of lost
And everybody knows it but nobody takes the time to talk

Don’t you know that you could be the light in somebody else’s life
All you gotta do is smile and say hi more than goodbye
We could come together, we could find some common ground to walk

I never really fit in with the popular ones
And even all my friends were always sorta dodgin’ me some
I mean I started workin’ early, didn’t party too much

But they all went straight from hatin’ me to showin’ me love
So I go for overwhelmed and unprepared
To feelin’ like nobody’s even there

Climbin’ up the stairs, they wanna stare
I never really thought that you would care
But now that I’ve got your attention

I think it’s time that I mention
That we need to drop this tension
And start to find our connections

‘Cause if love is where I stay
I know I will find my way

[Chorus: gnash & DENM]
Because I’ve always been a kid tryna find where I belong
Oh x4

[Bridge: gnash]
It won’t be long ’til we belong (ooh yeah, ooh yeah)

[Chorus: gnash & DENM]
We’re just a bunch of kids tryna find where we belong
Oh x4
Where we belong x3